Snail Motorsports is a family owned business specializing in custom powder coating, high temperature coating, and abrasive media blasting.
We have been proudly serving Las Vegas for 10 years by offering quality work at fair prices and now we look forward to working with you!

Powder Coating

Powder is a tough and durable protective finish for wheels, security gates, and almost anything metal up to 25 feet long, no job too big!

Ceramic Coating

Cerakote is a perfect way to fight heat and protect high temperature exhaust components like headers, mufflers and turbo housings.

Media Blasting

Blasting is a great way to remove paint, rust and body filler and expose a bare metal surface that is ideal for body work or painting.

Wheel Refinishing

We offer the most convenient way to change your wheel's color or repair that annoying curb rash by doing all the work in-house.

  • "We have gone with Snail Motorsports for so many things, since Juan started in his garage, doing small jobs. He has powder coated an antique medicine cabinet, several sets of wheels, several parts for my Jeep, media blasted a ton of our chairs for our business... When he tells you when he will have your items ready, he is right there with it when he promises. You can find him in his shop way into the late hours...just to get your item completed. You will never find anyone more Type A about his finished product than Juan. We have never been disappointed in any item or any quote we have received. He does all of his own media blasting and powder coating...he doesn't farm them out to other contractors. Thank you Juan and the Snail Motorsports team."

    - Vicky B.
  • "Get it done and get it done ONCE! Powder-coating at its best! OR, use the other guys ((NOT))!"

    - Daniel M.
  • "I have huge trust issues when it comes to my car. At first I was really scared because I was getting $2k rims (Advan TCIII) and almost $3k worth of parts under the hood. Juan exceeded my expectations! They came out perfect. With the amount of work, time, and effort he put into them I'm surprised he didn't charge me more. He gave me an awesome deal! A few months later I brought a set of cheaper wheels (used set of enkei rpf1) and a few suspension parts to get coated and the work was just as phenomenal! Juan treated $800 worth of parts just as he would $5k worth of parts. I wouldn't trust anyone else with powder coating my car parts. I will always support quality work and that is why I will always be a customer of Juan and Snail Motorsports."

    - Vincent T.
  • "I've had a few items done, one small and one large. Both came out better than I could think, good turn around and great prices"

    - Adam P.
  • "Had my wheels done in high gloss black and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! my wheels had a little bit of "road rash" from giving a curb some love at sonic and Snail completely erased that!!! my lease on my car is up next year and i will be bringing my new ride in for MORE Snail love!!!"

    - Alison F.
  • "Juan, Liz and Juan Sr. are the very best there is in what they do hands down! I had a 1970 Chevelle frame blasted and powder coated along with many other parts. Not only did they go out of their way to accommodate my needs because of how perfect this frame had to be but he did an AMAZING job for me! The frame was show quality and Juan was always professional with me. Juan picked up the frame for me with in the hour I called. Snail is a very honest and extremely affordable powder coater/blaster in Vegas! Juan's turnaround time is very quick. Shop is professional and very clean. I'm restoring a 1970 Chevelle SS nut and bolt frame off. I have seen other work done by local companies and its not as good but twice the cost. If you want the best go to Snail. They deserve 5 stars!"

    - Alex C.
  • "Snail Motorsports delivered on price and time of completion. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of coating my headers. I will use Juan again for any other work to be done."

    - TJ F.
  • "Snail Motorsports did a great job on my sailboat parts as well as some of the engine parts . they still look like new today. Just bought new restoration project so I will see them again!"

    - Jeffrey P.
  • "Very happy with this shop. I had 2 vintage bicycle frames media blasted and one of them powder coated. They did a great job from the start. Very good first contact at the shop and instant estimate. I shopped around a bit, and the price was very competitive. Turn around time was one week as stated on drop off. They really delivered on the quality of work. I already started to talk around and recommend this shop to my fellow bike friends. Nice to have a trusted shop like that in town. Keep up the good work."

    - Yves F.
  • "Had my Enkie RPF1s done a nice gold color. They were nice enough to install toms and also mount and balance the tires for free. The finish looks awesome and I get a lot of compliments on my 350z. Great customer service!"

    - Anthony S.
  • "I took in all 5 wheels for my 1970 VW Beetle for powder coating. They were looking pretty shabby after over 40 years of faithful service. This VW was my first car, and I'm only the second owner (bought in '86). It's very special to me, and I wouldn't trust any part of it to just anyone. My first contact with Snail Motorsports was via email, and Juan answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. Very clear on pricing and time to completion. The work was done on-time and the whole process was very professional. I couldn't be happier. Now, 2 years later, they look as good as the day I picked them up. You can't go wrong with Snail Motorsports for powdercoating!"

    - Allan H.
  • "Snail Motorsports is the only powder coating and media blasting company I will ever trust my parts to. I've had various parts coated, from ATV bumpers to a BMX bike frame to car wheels. All of which have been meticulously completed in a very fair timeline. I'm a firm believer in, "you get what you pay for". The fact that this is a family-run business makes it even better. And, if anything, it makes Juan MORE approachable. Take it from someone who has had multiple parts, in multiple sizes, this is the best place in town to get powder coating."

    - Kiel E.
  • "I had all my engine caps and strut tower brace done here. The strut tower brace matches the car with with race stripes perfectly aligned with the oitside paint. Very professional and great pricing!!"

    - Johnny C.
  • "Had Snail do a scooter frame for me. I was trying to save money and go with a cheaper option but they hooked it up with an awesome pearl multistage. After that had me do a set of wheels that came out perfect mounted and balanced as well. Powder coat isn't cheap but they were half as much as any other quotes I got. I send everybody I know there."

    - Bradley S.

What We Do

Automotive Wheels

Wheels, wheels and more wheels in all sizes, styles and colors!

Automotive Parts

Intake manifold, rear-end housing, timing cover, brakes & rotors.

Frames & Chassis

Restored frames for classic trucks and tube chassis for race cars.


ATV & dirt bike frames. UTV cages, a-arms, and bumpers.


Signs, architectural columns and panels for contractors and vendors.


Large and small batch runs of manufactured brackets & widgets.

Patio furniture, decorative ornaments and security gates.

Everything and anything else metal, like golf clubs and beer kegs.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday: 8AM - 12PM
Sunday: Closed

Shop Location

2580 W. Brooks Ave. #100
North Las Vegas, NV

Our Services

Powder Coating
Ceramic Coating
Media Blasting

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