Snail Motorsports started in 2008 as a weekend hobby in a home two car garage. A year later, owner and operator Juan leased a small warehouse and officially established the business. Years of steady growth paid off and in 2012 we built our state of the art 10,000 square foot facility focused entirely around the needs of our customers.

Our passion has grown into a thriving family business. There is virtually no limit to how big of a job we can handle or how small of details we can achieve. We've worked hard to get to this point and look forward to what the future brings.

Very humble home garage beginnings.

State of the art facilities & equipment.


We have built this business entirely on referrals from customers, so word of mouth is everything to us. We don't take any shortcuts, always do the right thing, and offer quality work at fair prices. We have no interest in getting rich overnight, we just enjoy what we do and plan on doing it for a long time.


Juan and Adrienne Pereda, a husband and wife team, oversee the shop's daily operation with a small team of dedicated employees who take great pride in their specialized craft. Every member of our team understands that quality takes time and anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Lucky is an American Pitbull Terrier that walked into our shop after being abused, used as bait, and abandoned by dog fighters. He was bloody and didn't recognize dog food. Lucky now has a new life and looks forward to coming to work every morning where his loyalty and big personality brightens our day.

Lucky hopes to inspire people to give less fortunate dogs a helping hand. Please consider adopting a less desired breed or older dog, they deserve a second chance. Visit a shelter or check out one of the many adoption events taking place around town every week. Thank you!

  • Lucky before and after.

    Lucky before and after.

  • Putting in some work.

    Putting in some work.

  • Being lazy on the couch.

    Being lazy on the couch.