What is Ceramic Coating and how does it work?

Cerakote offers high temperature coating for the automotive, motorcycle, and off-road industries. Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that can be applied to almost any substrate exposed to extreme heat. It protects exhaust components such as headers and mufflers while providing a huge reduction in temperature and accelerating the flow of exhaust gasses. Ceramic coating has been tested to well over 2000° F without lifting, cracking or flaking.

What colors are available?

We have found Cerakote's flat black, bright silver, and chrome to be the most performance proven products on the market, so we shoot these colors exclusively.

What's the usual turn-around time?

Turn around time for ceramic coating is normally about a week.

Are ceramic coating and powder coating the same?

No, ceramic coating is applied in liquid form and oven cured at higher temperatures. Powder Coating is applied electrostatically and cured at 400°. Powder Coating will not survive the high temperatures that Ceramic Coating will.