What is Media Blasting and how does it work?

A big challenge with any restoration project is the removal of all the old paint, bondo, and rust prior to body work and paint. Dealing with chemical strippers or wire wheels is a hassle, makes a mess in your garage and can be potentially dangerous. Media blasting, often referred to as sand blasting, uses pressurized air to shoot tiny pieces of media out of a nozzle to expose a bare metal surface that provides you with an ideal profile for body work and painting.

How much does media blasting cost?

Cost is determined by the amount of time and media spent blasting. We DO NOT charge by the hour, so we will be glad to give you a written quote based on your project's needs, this way you will know EXACTLY how much you're paying BEFORE leaving your parts or car with us. It is hard to give you an accurate price without at least seeing some pictures, but we can give you a "ball park" estimate.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Small items like brackets can be blasted within a day or two, while car bodies can take longer to complete depending on our work load. If you give us a "deadline" when you drop-off, we will meet it. We turn almost all projects around within 1-2 weeks.

What type of media do you use?

We understand the importance of using the correct blasting media. We are constantly evaluating the best abrasive and technique to allow for the fastest and safest blasting. Our media is safe on everything from steel to aluminum and will never jeopardize a part's integrity. Correct pressure, distance, angle, gun motion and operator experience are even more important factors.

How should I prep my parts or car for blasting?

You should remove as much grease and grime as possible through pressure washing and scrubbing, this will save us time and save you money. Disassemble as much as possible so we can have better access to areas being blasted. For car bodies, please remove all glass, interior, and drive-train.

Can you pick up and deliver?

We sure can! Our truck and flat bed trailers are ready to transport your project anywhere in town. We can pick it up from your house and coordinate with the body & paint shop for delivery. Just give us a call to arrange a pick up and we'll be glad to help!