Media Blasting

Removing old paint and rust before body work is an important step in your restoration project. Chemicals and wire wheels are messy and dangerous. Sand blasting uses pressurized air and abrasive media to strip parts to bare metal quickly and safely.

Sand Blasting Transport

We can pick up your car or truck body, fenders and other body panels from your house and coordinate with the body shop for delivery after blasting. Give us a call to arrange a pick up and we'll be glad to help!

The Process

Prepare your parts or car chassis by removing as much grease and grime as possible through pressure washing and vacuuming. Disassemble and break parts down as much as possible for better access to hard to reach areas.

Blasting Gallery

  • Nissan 240SX

    Nissan 240SX

    8 pictures

  • Honda s2000

    Honda s2000

    4 pictures

  • Chevrolet Camaro

    Chevrolet Camaro

    6 pictures

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